Upon purchase, you will receive two emails.

This first is a receipt email from PayPal.com/Stripe.com for your payment.

The second email is a receipt for your purchase and will have the subject: [RECEIPT] followed by the product name.

In the event that you do not receive these emails, kindly check your spam/junk folder in case the emails land there.

All the OTO/Upsells are automatically applied to your Blox 2.0 account after you login. So if you havent done so already please create your Blox 2.0 account Click Here for details on how to create your account

Once you have logged into your Blox 2.0 account you will have access to the relevant section correcsponding to your purchase.

If you still do not see them, please create a ticket at the support desk, and send us the Warrior Sales/transaction ID (the one that starts with an wso_XXXX_XXXXXX), as well as your Paypal/Stripe transaction ID and email so we can look up your order and send you the necessary information.