Access to thousands of free plugins is one of the reasons for the success of WordPress. While many people in the WordPress community believe that everything should be free, it isn’t always viable. Plugins that perform simple tasks can be free as they don’t require too many updates or constant support. The ones that do more complex stuff, on the other hand, involve regular updates to keep pace with changing technology. For a developer, making a plugin a free one would mean taking up another job that would bring in money. Getting paid for a plugin paves the way for dedicated time and support.

Sometimes it also makes sense to go the paid route. Premium plugins come with extra perks such as new features and premium support and many times dominate their market for good reason. Paid plugins primarily bring reliability to the table. You will have a support team that actively works on issues reported by users, keeps the plugin updated and compatible with each new release of WordPress, and constantly enhances it. That way you are saved the hassle of monitoring the plugins on your site for updates and vulnerabilities. While in many cases free plugins do a sufficient job, if you run a professional site, paid options definitely have their place. Especially for key features, functionality and longevity, they can really take your WordPress website to the next level.

A typical paid plugin costs anywhere between $30-$100 which may not be a big amount for an important site. The annual fee helps to ensure the plugin is constantly updated with the changing versions of WordPress, for security and for new features. Sadly it is sometimes the case that free plugins stop working after a time and have zero support.

Here are a few plugins that also charge an annual fee:

We produced our first plugin back in May 2008, some 10 years ago, that plugin is still available, fully supported and updated to work with the current version of Wordpress, that is the benefit of paying for a plugin. This is something we look forward to continuing to provide you with premium plugin’s that are actively updated to be always working with the latest version of WordPress site. At the end of the day if your business relies on the software. You shouldn't consider anything that helps your business or make money or  makes you more efficient as a cost, not matter how negligible that cost is.