Please make sure to revisit the corresponding sales pages to be properly guided on our refund policy.

So first of all you need to check the date of your purchase and whether your are still within the refund period (usually 30 days).

Then send us a ticket telling us what product you want a refund for, plus one or more of the following details;

Paypal transaction ID

JVZoo transaction ID (AP-XXXXXXX)

or the Paypal email you used to purchase the product.

However... please note that should you file a Paypal dispute you forfeit any claims to a refund and unfortunately you will be banned from purchasing any of our products in the future.

*Note: This does not apply to WP Optimiser, Viper Cache, WP Easy Pages, and WP Conversion Boost which have a different refund policy. You can visit their FAQs in the Solutions page for proper guidance.